List of products by brand Chanteclair

The Chanteclair brand has always guaranteed only high quality products, the result of constant scientific and technological research, generated thanks to rigorous and conscious production processes: we operate with a sense of maximum responsibility towards man and nature. "Quality and Responsibility are two. essential concepts for Chanteclair that totally involve the brand starting from the study of new products up to the marketing of the same, thus ensuring a concrete commitment by Chanteclair to respect the entire ecosystem. The quality of Chanteclair products is guaranteed above all by a careful selection of raw materials that are skilfully combined by the Research and Development Department so as to generate innovative and performing formulas at the base of all the Gallo del Pulito detergents. A role of great importance is also assigned to the supply of primary and secondary packaging, increasingly obtained from fonts i managed responsibly and with reduced environmental impact. Quality also governs all the procedures and production processes used to package Chanteclair products.