List of products by brand OGX

OGX Beauty is a hair care and body care brand that, since its entry onto the market, has stood out for its focus on purity, sustainability and simplicity. Its products are characterized by formulations with INCI obtained from exotic ingredients and always put respect for the environment in the foreground. The OGX company, known for never using famous models in its advertising content, offers products designed to help you love your hair and body more. It doesn't matter what characteristics make your hair unique. Thanks to OGX products, you will be able to find the one that suits you and enhance its beauty to the maximum. OGX: excellent products for your hair care routine Strong, shiny, healthy-looking hair: all this and much more is the world of OGX shampoos and conditioners. From Moroccan argan oil to coconut oil, there are numerous quality ingredients found in OGX products, the right choice for a perfect hair care routine, whether you have dry or oilier hair. There are many formulations to choose from and all of excellent quality. You can, for example, focus on the OGX biotin and collagen shampoo, ideal for beautifully shiny hair full of volume. To give strength to long hair, however, the one with turmeric is fine. Also discover the OGX dry shampoo. What about the balm? Obviously that it is an indispensable product for the beauty of the hair. Again, with OGX you can reference a number of fantastic natural ingredients, from kukui oil all the way to coconut milk. A perfectly defined hairstyle with OGX The brand offers numerous and interesting OGX styling and treatment solutions to leave nothing to chance when it comes to hair care. From the extra strong hairspray with Moroccan argan oil to the anti-frizz moisturizing mousse, with OGX you have the best allies to define your hairstyles to perfection.