Orders placed on the website www.blogsrl.it can be considered concluded when the customer completes the order and sends the bank slip of the initial partial payment equal to 30% of the total amount of the order. After checking the status of the payment with our bank, the order will pass to the state of preparation which is expected to take from 7 to 10 working days to be processed (after checking the total availability of the quantity ordered). Therefore, when the preparation of the order is completed, the payment of the remaining 70% will be required to allow us to book the load and send it to the shipment. Also for the second payment tranche it is required to send the bank slip to give us the possibility to verify the payment received with our bank and proceed with the shipment. Delivery times vary depending on the quantity and type of order and the destination of the goods. Blog S.R.L. is not responsible for delays due to extraordinary events not directly attributable to the same or due to changes in the regulations in force on community or extra-community shipments. For any inconvenience we will be happy to answer any of your written requests, through our contact form.

Shipping costs do not include ancillary costs attributed as follows:

1) Hand Loading Cost:

- 20 "ft Container / Truck € 250.00

- 40 "ft Container / Truck € 300.00

2) Cost of Loading with Pallets:

- For 1 Pallet € 12.00

- No cost for loading without pallets

3) Multilingual Label Cost:

- Maximum size 30cm³ (example cm: 4x7 - 3x9 - 5x6) € 0.05 each. Request More Information.

Shipping costs vary according to volume and weight as follows:

1) Transportation cost:

- 20"ft Container € 1.300,00/1.800,00: [Kg Max. 24.000,00] - [m³ Max. 32,00]

- 40"ft Container € 1.800,00/2.300,00: [Kg Max. 26.850,00] - [m³ Max. 65,00]

- 40"HC ft Container € 1.800,00/2.300,00: [Kg Max. 26.600,00] - [m³ Max. 75,00]

- 20"ft Container Refer € 1.300,00/1.800,00: [Kg Max. 27.000,00] - [m³ Max. 28,00]

- 40"ft Container Refer € 1.800,00/2.300,00: [Kg Max. 26.000,00] - [m³ Max. 28,00]

- Truck Load Europe: [Kg Max. 24.500,00] - [m³ Max. 30 Pallets]

- Truck United Kingdom: [Kg Max. 28.000,00] - [m³ Max. 30 Pallets]

- Truck Load Italy: [Kg Max. 29.000,00] - [m³ Max. 30 Pallets]

2) Cost of transport for each platform:

- IT area: € 70.00

- EU area: € 100.00

- EX-EU area: € 150.00

* All the above costs are to be considered VAT excluded. *

Blog S.R.L. exempts from the person responsible for incurring extra costs foreseen by the customs procedure and / or additional customs clearance phases.

The minimum order to be able to place an order is € 5,000.00 excluding VAT.