List of products by brand Finish

Finish is the #1 in the dishwasher products market with a long history of innovations in the industry. In the early 1950s - with the increasing use of molded plastic dinnerware - coffee or soak-in stains were a common dishwasher problem. Learning from research on the needs of the dairy sector, the US company Eco-Lab Inc. has had the merit of introducing a product destined to become the main player in the domestic dishwashing scene: Finish. In 1987, Finish became the property of J.A. Benckiser with the acquisition of the Consumer Products division of Eco-lab Inc. Finish is now the most popular brand for dishwasher cleaning. Thanks to a long history of innovations, Finish has become synonymous with dishwasher detergent over the years: from the first organic powder detergent in 1969 to the first double layer tablet in 1995, to the presentation of the red Powerball technology in 1999 and finally to the introduction of the best product ever with the 21st century Quantum three-chamber capsule.