List of products by brand Clear

CLEAR understands how difficult it is to stand out in a world that always wants you to go with the flow. He wants to allow men and women to stand out without fear of showing their point of view. This is only possible when you have confidence in yourself and your individuality. CLEAR Philippines offers balakubak-free healthy hair products with its unbeatable anti-dandruff performance, giving you confidence in yourself and your individuality. CLEAR shampoo products are the solution for a stronger and healthier scalp. It uses Triple Anti-Dandruff technology, in which it combines scalp care and skin care with GUAR BB18 which improves Niacinamide or Vit B3, the protective barrier of the scalp. This enables the scalp's natural defense molecules, making the scalp healthy and hydrated. There are CLEAR shampoos for men and CLEAR shampoos for women that promise to end recurring dandruff forever so your hair has nothing to hide. CLEAR products give you the assurance of zero scalp problems and dandruff with daily use. Take the opportunity to show off your individuality and shine in your foreground moment.