List of products by brand Bahlsen

Bahlsen, created by Hermann Bahlsen in Hanover in 1889, is still a family business, controlled by the fourth generation. In 2021 he turned 132 and continues to draw inspiration from the great skills of Hermann, who combined entrepreneurial and industrial skills with a true passion for art, marketing and communication. He was endowed with a notable creative sensitivity which led him to invent the word 'Keks' for Germany, borrowed from the English 'cake', after having seen these products at the London and Paris fairs, where they were presented, for the first time, as industrial foods, processed thanks to a new continuous cycle machine. Not only that: we were talking about a passion for art. In fact, patronage has always been a constant of the company and there are many designers, including internationally renowned ones, who have worked on the company's packaging since the early twentieth century. Another example is the installation in Berlin, in Potsdamer Platz, of the first illuminated sign in history, dedicated to the launch, in 1891, of the Leibniz brand, a butter biscuit that pays homage to a well-known citizen of Hanover, the philosopher and scientist Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz .