List of products by brand Listerine

The Listerine brand was born thanks to the commitment of a scientist, Joseph Lawrence, who in 1879 created a powerful formula based on four essential oils. Dr. Lawrence decided to name his creation Listerine in honor of Joseph Lister: the first surgeon to perform surgery in a sterile environment. Lawrence later collaborated with pharmacist Jordan Wheat Lambert with whom he founded the Lambert Pharmaceutical Company. It was then that the commercialization of Listerine mouthwash began. Today, as more than a hundred years ago, Listerine is a reference point for oral hygiene. Its formulation still contains the four essential oils of the first Listerine (eucalyptus, menthol, thymol and methyl salicylate) which combine to fight plaque and germs that can cause bad breath. Listerine mouthwashes are also available in the zero alcohol version, for deep but delicate hygiene. The Listerine product range Teeth and gum defense: its formula remineralizes the tooth enamel and strengthens the gums. Total care: thanks to the combined action of essential oils with fluoride and zinc chloride, it gives a complete cleansing. Cool mint: mouthwash based on essential oils protects for 24 hours and gives fresh breath for a long time. Nightly reset: designed to protect the mouth during sleep, it helps to counteract the formation of harmful acids that can lead to the onset of tooth decay. Advance white: reduces and prevents stains thanks to its non-abrasive whitening technology and creates a shield that prevents the formation of new ones. Anti-caries protection: with green tea extract strengthens enamel, reduces and prevents plaque and helps prevent tooth decay.