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Dear Partners, we are pleased to present our Best Offer for Johnson's. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this.

Overcoming "invisible enemies" of man. With this goal, Robert Wood Johnson decided to invest in the experimentation of the first antiseptic gauzes of modern surgery. With a pioneering spirit, Johnson wanted to put into practice the theories of the English doctor Sir Joseph Lister on infections caused by germs present in operating theaters; In 1886 he founded in New Jersey, USA, Johnson & Johnsone with only 14 employees started the production of sterile medical products, quickly becoming the leading brand in the sector thanks to the trust it had in medical circles: Robert Wood Johnson's studies on antiseptic treatments for years they represented the basic texts of American surgeons. In 1910, following the death of Robert, his brother, James W. Johnson, was called to lead the company, who initiated the process of internationalization and product diversification. After the success of the zinc oxide adhesive patches, it was the turn of the Band-Aid patches and Baby Cream. In 1932 the son of the founder, General Robert Wood Johnson, the author of Credoche succeeded, which still remains the reference point of business management. The following eighty years are the story of a continuous expansion of the activity, always in the field of health and of the person. Years of acquisitions, expansions in various markets, production optimization, but above all medical research and technological innovation. The company has progressively expanded in the pharmaceutical sector, in the area of ​​surgical and diagnostic instrumentation, in orthopedics and ophthalmology, up to the affirmation in biotechnology. Johnson & Johnson is now a public company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The ownership of the group is in the hands of a widespread shareholder base. This allows investors to continuously monitor the Group's activities and is a constant stimulus to improve management performance and the quality of production processes. Today, more than 115,500 people around the world work for Johnson & Johnson, which operates through more than 250 companies in 60 countries around the world.


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