List of products by brand Happy Cow

Woerle boasts a long tradition of exporting the finest Salzburg cheese to foreign lands. In the early 20th century Johann Woerle first delivered hard and semi-hard cheese to his numerous customers around Europe. When processed cheese was discovered in Switzerland in 1929, marketed as “Cheese fondue to go”, Woerle found immediate success with this novel product. That same year he commissioned a processed cheese plant to be erected in Henndorf am Wallersee, forming an important cornerstone for today’s international success of the family-run company. 50 years later, Woerle processed cheese is exported to 15 different countries, including several in the Middle East, where it is valued for its ability to be stored at room temperature. Yet the growing competition among processed cheese producers led Gerhard Woerle to decide to pursue the export market under a new, poignant yet universally comprehensible brand. Inspired by the principle that only happy cows produce the best milk, he dreamed up the Happy Cow brand in 1982. And things progressed apace from there. And no end to the success is in sight, with a few spots around the global yet to be introduced to the joys of Happy Cow.