List of products by brand Felix

A well-fed cat is a happy cat. The Purina® Felix line offers you tasty and nutritionally balanced recipes to help you always be in perfect shape. From the irresistible delicacies, the range with recipes with a delicious taste and aroma. Each recipe contains the right combination of balanced minerals and vitamins, to help your cat stay full of life and ready for new adventures. Furthermore, Le Ghiottonerie is a line without artificial flavours, without preservatives and without added colourings. Only taste and energy in every package. To entertain and pamper him a little you can offer him Felix Crispies Snacks. Treat yourself to a fun and tasty break with him: in fact, the snacks not only offer taste and crunchiness with every bite, but also an irresistible combination of delicious flavours, different shapes and colours. With Felix Sensations Sauces you can surprise him with a range of recipes prepared with quality ingredients and with an irresistible appearance and aroma. Each of them contains morsels wrapped in exquisite sauces flavored differently each time to give your cat a truly unique taste experience. Amaze your feline with the flavours, scents and taste of the Felix line and let it grow healthy thanks to natural ingredients, without preservatives and without colourants.