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Lotus biscuits are a real specialty in Belgium. Born in 1932 when the Boone brothers decided to open their first oven to produce the famous cinnamon flavored biscuits. In the 50s the famous Lotus biscuit entered all coffee breaks for the first time, first in Belgium and then in the 80s the Lotus became the "coffee break biscuits" throughout Europe and the USA! The lotus are still made following the original recipe of the Boone brothers, without dyes or preservatives. Unique for their cinnamon scent.

Over the years, Lotus Biscoff's popularity has grown far beyond the Belgian border. Coffee lovers everywhere ask for a Lotus Biscoff with their latte or espresso. Lotus soon finds other ways to enjoy the unique taste of these cookies by making cookie butter and delicious ice cream. Today, Lotus Bakeries is still family owned and based in its hometown. The ingredients of Lotus Biscoff are pure, the unique taste and the crunchy biscuit as always.

Every year 6 billion come out, tasted on all 7 continents. Lotus Biscoff has become much more than a favorite coffee companion. Chefs around the world use Lotus Biscoff as an ingredient in delicious desserts, such as tiramisu or Lotus Biscoff mousse.



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