List of products by brand Nescafé Dolcegusto

Undisputed leader in the field of instant coffee and symbol of a cosmopolitan and metropolitan society, the legendary Nescafé, born 75 years ago in Switzerland, best interprets and satisfies the tastes of its consumers by dictating trends and new ways of thinking and becoming the emblem of a true and your own lifestyle One of the most popular drinks in the world with its 5,500 cups consumed every second, present in over 180 countries, it has been a symbol of avant-garde, innovation and a real lifestyle since 1938. Over time it has built an ever more numerous and composite metropolitan generation which, through the simple gesture of slowly sipping coffee in the legendary Red Mug - the most famous cup in the world - has become the emblem of a different way of thinking: of those who love to express their creativity and is always looking for new stimuli. Nescafé is 75 years old and throughout its history it has managed to constantly renew itself by passing through fashions and different trends without ever obfuscating its essence and always keeping itself "alive" and modern, knowing how to best interpret and satisfy the tastes of its consumers. And it is to the brilliant intuition of the Nestlé chemist, Max Morgenthaler, that we owe the invention of the famous instant coffee so loved in the world.