List of products by brand Sanpellegrino

Sanpellegrino is one of the largest companies in the beverage field in Italy and one of the most important internationally. With a turnover of approximately 981 million euros in 2019, Sanpellegrino employs over 1,400 employees. The Sanpellegrino Group has a diversified and complete product portfolio, in order to offer the consumer the product (water and beverages / soft drinks) and the packaging (type and format) that is most suitable for all their consumption and lifestyle needs. The consolidation of positioning and market shares has been strengthened over the years through significant investments in production and in marketing and communication activities. In particular, there are 3 brands of mineral waters: S.Pellegrino, Acqua Panna, Levissima. The portfolio includes a wide assortment of drinks and aperitifs, capable of satisfying the different needs of consumers in terms of tastes and consumption occasions. In fact, the Group's historical drinks are unmissable: from the Bio range with Aranciata, Amara Orange and Lemonade made with 100% Italian oranges and lemons, to the Mixer range with Tonica Rovere, Tonica Agrumi and Ginger Beer, passing through the Acqua Brillante Recoaro. Sanpellegrino boasts a diversified and complete range of products, which allows us to offer the consumer mineral waters and beverages, distributed in the most suitable packaging - by type and format - for all needs. The mineral waters bottled as they flow at the source, in various Italian regions, have different organoleptic characteristics, a "mix" of mineral salts and trace elements which are enriched during their journey to the source, beneficial for the body. In fact, each mineral water has a real "identity card": a strong personality so as to satisfy the needs of the most demanding palates. Sanpellegrino is also one of the major producers in Italy of soft drinks and non-alcoholic aperitifs which, with their variety of flavors, are ideal for quenching thirst and making every convivial moment special. The high quality of Sanpellegrino drinks is ensured by the use of natural ingredients and tested production processes that allow the quality of the raw materials to be completely transferred to the finished products, while maintaining the nutritional properties unaltered. All Sanpellegrino branded drinks are enjoying recognition and appreciation not only in Italy but also abroad, especially in Australia and the United States, where Made in Italy quality has become an unmistakable symbol of excellence.