List of products by brand Nutrifree

If you have come this far it is because you want to know who we are. Maybe we've known each other for some time and you've tasted some of Nutrifree's gluten-free products or it's the first time you've heard of us. In any case, we feel very lucky to have your attention, and if you have some time to dedicate (not too much), we will tell you a little about our FREE world. Because a smile is a bridge capable of overcoming any barrier, including food. At least this has always been the creed of Nicoletta and Giovanna, two Tuscan sisters who, over 15 years ago, decided to leave the family business, producer of the famous Altopascio bread, to specialize in free from, bringing innovation to a territory arid and not very popular. Yes, because in those years the gluten-free market lived on very few products and little attention to taste and nutritional aspects. Products that had very little to do with a smile. Here, we could not be satisfied with offering a product that was simply suitable for those who had to exclude gluten from their diet. We wanted more. This is why we listened. We listened to everyone: families, doctors, nutritionists, friends and employees who increased every year. We have worked for a long time and, between results and attempts, we have obtained one of the widest assortments of foods at the basis of a full and tasty free from life.