List of products by brand Balconi

Balconi was born in Italy in 1953 founded by a family with a clear vision: to prepare quality, good, simple and delicious products made with the best genuine ingredients. None of our snacks and cakes contain palm oil: what's important to you is important to us too! No traces of dyes and hydrogenated fats. The preservative additives have been abolished from all our snacks. We steer clear of Generically Modified Organisms (GMOs). We carefully select our ingredients and rigorously control them to ensure our quality and your safety. Because we don't joke about quality. Our first plant is sustainable from an energy point of view, self-producing electricity and heating-cooling the water needed for our production activity. Perhaps acronyms like BRC, IFS, ISO 9001: 2015, Kosher, UTZ-MB, RSPO-MB, Organic don't tell you anything. These are the certifications that Balconi has successfully obtained and maintains, synonymous with the safety of our processes and therefore of our products. If external certifications weren't enough, every year we carry out more than 30,000 checks on raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and the production environment.