List of products by brand Pepsi

Pepsi-Cola was born in 1898 in New Bern, a small town in North Carolina, where the pharmacist Caleb Bradham makes a thirst quenching and digestive drink based on cola. The formula of Pepsi Cola still remains secret, but its known ingredients are water, sugar, carbon dioxide, caramel, orthophosphoric acid, caffeine, aromatic plant extracts, essences and natural flavors. It didn't take long for Bradham to expand and in 1903 he founded the Pepsi-Cola Company which immediately began to make a massive use of advertising for commercial purposes, reaping the rewards. Thanks to advertising, the Pepsi brand is spread and known throughout the United States at the end of the First World War. But the expansion does not stop because Pepsi also lands in Latin America, Canada and the Soviet Union. The growth of Pepsi in those years, between the two world wars, is remarkable and comes to closely undermine Coca Cola also thanks to innovative campaigns such as offering double the product at the same price in the years of the great depression. In the 1950s and 1960s, Pepsi took advantage of the widespread television medium to carry out numerous advertising campaigns and new packaging and aggressive sales strategies that undermined Coca Cola even from a commercial point of view. In 1963 Pepsi arrives in Italy and in the 80s the historic overtaking of Pepsi against Coca Cola is recorded and becomes the first soft drink in the United States thanks to exceptional testimonials such as Cindy Crawford, Ray Charles, Beyoncè, Tina Turner, Madonna, Britney Spears, Pink and Michael Jackson. In the 90s the Pepsi brand lands in China, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Argentina. In the last decade, the comparison with Coca Cola for the supremacy of soft drinks has continued, and still continues today.