List of products by brand Lipton

Lipton is the number 1 tea brand in the world. In India, Lipton is a connected wellness business that encourages you to take advantage of every fitness opportunity. Lipton selects the best quality tea from tea farms certified by the rainforest alliance and trustea. It offers a range of teas, from tea bags to tea bags, which includes Lipton green tea and Darjeeling tea. Lipton Green tea - Feel Light, Feel Active Lipton Green Tea is a zero calorie tea when consumed without milk or sugar which helps you stay light and active. In addition to the zero-calorie and moisturizing benefits, green tea is also consumed for its fat metabolizing properties attributed to catechins, a flavonoid, of which green tea is one of the richest sources. This makes green tea an ideal companion on the fitness journey and for a healthy lifestyle. Lipton offers a variety of green teas: Pure and Light, Honey Lemon, Mint Burst, Lemon Zest and Tulsi Natura. Lipton also offers After Lunch Green Tea infused with ginger, tulsi, and rock salt which are known to soothe the stomach, so you feel light and feel good. Lipton Darjeeling tea- 'Champagne of Teas' Lipton Darjeeling Tea assures you a handcrafted cup of 100% pure Darjeeling black tea, with its characteristic long leaves and preserved aroma of delicate floral and fruity undertones. While its long leaves gently unfold in boiling water, Lipton Darjeeling tea offers a reddish-brown brew with a distinctive aroma and rare flavor. It is normally enjoyed as black tea with lemon or honey to add flavor. Tea lovers around the world recommend that Darjeeling tea be best enjoyed in its authentic form, without adding milk and sugar. So, go ahead, awaken your senses and offer them a connoisseur's choice of tea as you discover the magic of Darjeeling.