List of products by brand Omino bianco

A little man dressed in a white T-shirt, clean, perfect and sparkling in its whiteness. This little man, known as Omino Bianco, soon became an indispensable ally for the laundry of all Italians. "The Omino Bianco perborato": this is how the tale of Omino Bianco begins. From a whitening additive, it has profoundly evolved over the years, focusing on innovation and specialization in different segments and expanding the family of its products. Omino Bianco has been supporting consumers for over 60 years and, thanks to its quality and completeness of the range dedicated entirely to laundry, it has become an indispensable point of reference for over 8 million Italian families. Omino Bianco is the leading brand of laundry additives in the Italian market and among the strongest in Europe in many market segments.