List of products by brand Whiskas

Whiskas® is synonymous with complete and quality nutrition, the result of research by Mars and the Waltham® Center for Pet Nutrition, the world authority on pet nutrition and care, which aim to determine what the ideal diet is able to guarantee the correct mix of nutrients to our cats every day to keep them in good health during the different stages of life. Precisely to meet this need, Whiskas® offers a wide range of products that allow us to take care of our cat with complete and balanced foods. Whiskas® references guarantee an adequate and quality diet that provides all the essential nutrients in the right proportion and quantity. And that's why cats know the difference. Whiskas® offers dry and wet food in a vast assortment of recipes and flavors to transform the meal into a moment full of taste and well-being! Furthermore, the Whiskas® range offers irresistible between-meal products specifically designed to pamper our cats without running the risk of unbalancing their diet.