List of products by brand Neutrogena

In 1930 Manny Stoloroff began his cosmetics production in Los Angeles. Continuously looking for new ideas, the founder managed to create a line of delicate and non-aggressive products, which had great success, defeating the competitors. It was Lloyd Cotsen who changed the face of Neutrogena forever. The great leap in quality occurred thanks to the close relationship he established with dermatologists, a guarantee of quality and safety for an already highly appreciated cosmetic product. Lloyd Cotsen, president of Neutrogena, immediately after the Second World War became aware of the extraordinary and incredible story of Norwegian fishermen with soft and well-groomed hands. What was the secret? An oil distilled from fish. It was in 1969 that the opportunity arose to create Neutrogena hand cream, then created in 1972, based on the formula created by Norwegian fishermen. Cotsen himself was deeply impressed by the regenerating and soothing action of the cream and decided to start an experimentation and production that would lead Neutrogena to create an entire line of skin products, including Neutrogena face cream and Neutrogena cream body. Today the brand presents itself with a 360-degree line that includes Neutrogena creams for every skin type, Neutrogena lips, including the benefits of Neutrogena lip balm and Neutrogena balms, the prodigious line of Neutrogena make-up removers and refreshing Neutrogena perfumes.