List of products by brand Huggies

Huggies knows that nothing is more important than that moment and everything that comes after. We design our products with this thought in mind, aiming to give you so much more than just nappies and wipes. When your baby smiles at you for the first time, when he takes his first shy step, at every moment of his life, we are here to help. Huggies offers a wide range of high quality changing products for every stage of your baby's growth: from the day they are born, to taking their first steps, to first time in the water, to pottying. . Your baby wears diapers all day, which is why it is essential that his delicate skin does not suffer from diaper irritation. For this reason, all Huggies nappies are free from elemental chlorine, latex, fragrances, parabens and allergens, as required by European laws. From his first hours of life to the moment he starts using the potty, we have a soft and gentle product for your little one.