List of products by brand Venchi

We started a long time ago, indeed starting in 1878 was Silviano Venchi, a 20-year-old Turin boy so in love with chocolate that he spent his savings in two bronze cauldrons and began experimenting first in his own apartment and then in a small room. in via degli Artisti in Borgo Vanchiglia in Turin. Those experiments went so well that after a few years were born the Nougatine, bon bon of chopped and caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts covered with extra dark chocolate (the advice is to reread this story while enjoying one) and Venchi Spa, "... the most elegant chocolate shop in Piedmont ... "named, among other things," Provider of the Royal House ". Today there is no longer the royal coat of arms on the packaging, but the passion, meticulousness and courage to experiment remain from that era. This is how all those chocolates with imaginative names were born, the Chocoviar, the Tartufini, the Gianduiotti, the Cremini, the bars, the Suprema cream, the Gelato and the Gourmet eggs. All delicious, healthy, natural, made with the best ingredients and the best intentions: see the positive side and live a long happy life or, if nothing else, a little sweeter.