List of products by brand Vergani

THE NOUGAT, ACCORDING TO THE LEGEND, WAS BORN IN CREMONA IN 1441 ON THE OCCASION OF THE WEDDING BETWEEN FRANCESCO SFORZA AND BIANCA MARIA VISCONTI. The spouses were offered a dessert made with honey, almonds and egg white in the shape of a 13th century torrazzo or tower, from which you took the name of nougat. In the 19th century in Cremona, many drugstores made nougat by hand. According to Vergani, he worked as a boy in a grocery store in Porta Venezia. Over the years Vergani has taken extreme care not only for the quality of the product, but also for the refinement of the packaging. Expanding production to the new sectors of Chocolate and Marron Glacés. The company has renewed itself from a technological point of view thanks to investments in new production and packaging lines. Today Vergani markets its products not only on the national market but also on the international market.