List of products by brand Gillette

In 1901, King C. Gillette shocked the shaving world by introducing a razor that gave men the ability to shave comfortably at home. King C. Gillette and his fantastic razor were the first disrupters of the Grooming category and the barber industry. Committed to quality and continuous innovation, this is what Gillette still stands for today. And you will notice the difference with every shave. Those other shaving clubs seem to be more focused on marketing than making the best blades possible. Gillette has put thousands of years of combined experience into producing the best quality blades in the world. Our best blades are long lasting, without sacrificing quality or comfort. Gillette places great emphasis on quality. The average guy uses 170 shaving passes, and of these, about 120 are repeated. This is a lot of contacts. Hence, it is important to use the highest quality blade to protect your skin. Fortunately, Gillette blades are specifically designed to do just that. At Gillette we know guys want options - when it comes to razors, one size doesn't fit all. Gillette doesn't just send you a standard blade and handle. You can choose. You can mix and match. This type of customization is available because many of Gillette's handles and blades are compatible. It's nice to have options.