List of products by brand Godiva

Godiva is a very important chocolate brand that has several points of sale spread around the world. Its fame is linked not only to the quality of the chocolate but also to the variety of chocolates, all very special and refined in taste and shapes. Another peculiarity of the Godiva brand are the boxes: real luxury packages that are very elegant and sophisticated. The Godiva chocolate shop was born in 1926, when Pierre Draps, a well-known Belgian chocolatier, started his production of chocolates for local shops. His son Joseph Draps began working for the family business as early as 14 and after the Second World War he took over and decided to open his own shop. The name of the shop was Godiva. Joseph Draps in addition to being an excellent chocolatier was also an experienced businessman, capable of transforming a small shop into a world-famous company. His shop, which opened on the Grand Place in Brussels, was a success and over the next ten years, other stores opened throughout Belgium. In 1959 Godiva opened his first shop beyond the borders of Belgium. The choice of location fell on Paris, on the elegant Rue St. Honoré. Shortly thereafter, new store openings followed in the UK, Germany and Italy. In 1966 Godiva also gunse in America where the distribution took place in a chain of luxury department stores, the Wanamakers in Philadelphia. In 1972 it arrived on Fifth Avenue in New York City, near the Tiffany and Cartier stores and just like in these famous jewelers, Godiva products were displayed as jewelry in elegant refrigerated brass display cases. Godiva stores were also opened in Asia: in 1972 in Japan and in 2009 in China. 2010 saw the birth of the first store in Turkey, in the heart of Istanbul. A name a legend The name of this chocolate shop was not chosen by chance but is the result of a thoughtful reflection. Joseph Draps was looking for a distinctive name capable of embodying timeless values ​​such as daring, courage, risk and valor, and therefore he was inspired by Lady Godiva. In the eleventh century in England, more precisely in Coventry, lived a woman of great generosity, who had dedicated her entire life to the poor. This woman, Lady Godiva, was the wife of Lord Leofric, a powerful ruler not very sympathetic to the citizens of his kingdom. When Lord Leofric decided to impose heavy taxation on his subjects, Lady Godiva protested. In response Lord Leofric proposed to abolish the new tax only if his wife had the courage to ride naked through the streets of the country. Lady Godiva accepted the challenge in order to help her fellow citizens. On the appointed day, at the sound of the bells, Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of the town. As a sign of respect, the people of the town decided to close all the shutters to preserve the woman's modesty. Thunderous applause erupted throughout the city as he passed. Lady Godiva had conquered the whole population and as promised Lord Leofric was forced to cancel the taxation of the poor. The Godiva brand is not limited only to the production of chocolates but also signs truffles, coffee, cocoa, biscuits, candied fruit, sweets, chocolate liqueurs, smoothies. Godiva also has licensing agreements for the production of ice cream, cheesecakes, coffee pods and liqueurs in different flavors paired with chocolate. Godiva also produces seasonal chocolates offered in special packages inspired by different holidays.