List of products by brand Latteria Soresina

Latteria Soresina has an important Supply Chain Agreement signed by all members, which focuses on a careful and critical monitoring of raw materials and processes of the entire production cycle, starting with animal feed. The supply chain certification is aimed not only at guaranteeing the traceability and food safety of the entire supply chain, but also at maintaining all the sanitary aspects. Through then codified preventive actions, the potential danger is prevented in every single phase, and by verifying the correct application of the procedures, the safety of the finished product is guaranteed, in order to always maintain excellent and distinctive quality standards. Such a close bond between the company and its components translates into a great anchoring in the territory (Latteria Soresina only processes the milk produced by the 48,000 cows in the stables near the dairies in its factories), an element that contributes to guaranteeing a high quality of the milk delivered and precise and constant control of the entire supply chain, from land to table, thanks also to important innovation projects. The company thus boasts a wide range of dairy products of high sensory quality, with service contents suitable to meet the needs of all its customers and consumers around the world. Today Latteria Soresina is the first producer in the world of the famous Grana Padano, and occupies leading positions in other Italian excellences, such as butter and provolone, always establishing itself as a prestigious brand in its sector. A guarantee for all those who choose us.