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In 1985 ZUEGG transformed its attention to the quality of raw materials into an industrial reality, with the Luogosano plant in Avellino. The plant has a direct relationship with the collection center and the farms. In this way, it cultivates close cooperation with fresh fruit suppliers. This bond translates into a collaboration in the choice of the fruit variety, in the decision of ripeness at the time of harvest. In addition, for some years now a ZUEGG agronomist has been providing assistance to farmers in the legislative field, especially related to BIO fruit, and baby food. The freshly picked fruit is brought directly to the ZUEGG plant in Avellino, where it is carefully checked and then transformed into purees, simple or concentrated, or into frozen cubes. During the production process, at least 184 checks are carried out over an eight-hour period, and the entire production process is continuously monitored with complete traceability. The Avellino plant allows the ZUEGG group to guarantee quality, quantity and price control of the raw material.


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