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Dear Customers, We are pleased to present our best Forno Bonomi offer!

The Forno Bonomi Confectionery Company, a historic Veronese company since the mid-19th century, is a modern company, the first worldwide producer of Savoiardi. Located in a prestigious location, next to the Lessinia Natural Park, it has been able to combine the tradition of the oven with the most modern technological systems. Believing in the product and in the future also means investing, in just over a year, a good 24 million for a company that now has about 45 million, such as Forno Bonomi in Roverè Veronese. The three Bonomi brothers (Dario, Renato, Fausto) fully agree on the various moments of the business management and on the fact of maintaining the traditional sweets factory in the mountains, determined to improve all the company fronts to respond to the ever-changing world markets. choosing the best of Italian confectionery.


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