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Perugina was born in 1907 when Francesco Buitoni and the Spaniards opened a laboratory for the production of sugared almonds. After years of growth and innovation, Perugina becomes a symbolic brand in the chocolate industry, capable of withstanding the passage of time and trends. Within the Perugina creations, passion and creativity meet to enhance the unique and authentic taste of its chocolate.

Luisa Spagnoli's intuition gives birth to Luisa chocolate, the unmistakable Perugina dark chocolate, a unique recipe with a pure and intense flavor that signs some of the brand's product lines, including Baci Perugina and Perugina Nero bars. Perugina offers a wide range of products capable of responding to different needs and consumption occasions. Perugina chocolate is a product of excellence that responds to the purest and most authentic pleasures.

For chocolate lovers, Perugina invites you to visit the Perugina Chocolate House and the Perugina Chocolate School, magical places where you can be fascinated by the history and experience of the brand. In addition, Perugina is part of the NESTLÉ COCOA PLAN project, an initiative that selects the best cocoa beans and supports farmers in improving their quality of life, ensuring efficient traceability of the production chain.


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