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Dear Partners, we are pleased to present our Best Offer for SEGAFREDO. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this.

Coffee is one of the most consumed products in the world, a drink of creative and active intelligence that is perfect for awakening the senses at any time of day. A fundamental drink for our tradition, it is consumed every day in different parts of the world according to different uses and customs.

There are many ways to prepare and experience coffee and Segafredo Zanetti is committed every day to provide you with his idea of ​​quality coffee. For Segafredo Zanetti it is not enough to make coffee, but he does his best to do it well: a quality product, with a pleasant flavor in all its nuances and capable of adapting to different moments, can only be born from the experience and passion of those who make coffee. always.

Discover Segafredo coffee and the incredible journey it takes to get to your cup! Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the warm and humid climate makes it possible to cultivate this magical plant. The coffee plant requires moist soil and shelter from the wind. The Arabica quality is grown at a height that varies between 900 and 1200 meters while the Robusta is grown on the plain below 500 meters. Plants can reach 10 meters in height, but are normally pruned to about three meters to facilitate harvesting.

During the year, two or three blooms can occur: the time that elapses between flowering and fruit ripening varies from six to fourteen months. In the South American area mainly Arabica is produced, while in Africa, India, Indonesia and Vietnam it is mainly Robusta. Through the picking or stripping method, the ripe fruits are harvested and selected manually. Picking consists in the manual selection of each single fruit, while for stripping an average point of ripeness is determined, after which the fruits are plucked from the branches.

The third possible method is mechanical harvesting, which is practiced in large plantations when the rows are widely spaced, with a machine that shakes the plants to drop the ripest fruits. From each fruit only the best is extracted and used, for the processing of quality cicchi. The extraction can take place dry or wet.

In the dry process the fruits are spread out to dry and then sieved, stripped and passed again through sieves that separate the grains from the impurities. The wet process consists in conveying the water in flow channels where the fruits are sieved. Subsequently they are placed for almost two days in washings that remove the sugar layer. They are then dried in the sun or artificially and freed from any residues. Once the cicchi are obtained, each of them is selected and only the best will be processed to obtain the Segafredo coffee blends.

It is necessary to select the beans to eliminate any defects and impurities. The main controls applied to green coffee are carried out through optical / laser machines that eliminate the grains that do not meet the agreed parameters.

Roasting, on the other hand, is the art through which each blend is characterized by its specific aroma. For Segafredo Zanetti, roasting means constant research and technological innovation. In the roasting process, or toasting, the raw beans are passed into roasting machines where they are constantly heated and stirred until the temperature reaches 200-230 ° C. Through roasting, the aromatic components of the coffee are formed, which loses acidity and takes on a bitter taste the more pronounced the more the coffee is roasted.

Each blend corresponds to a specific type of grind, because when it comes to quality coffee, every detail is important. The type of grinding depends on the intended use of the coffee powder. When preparing the filter, it must be balanced, a medium grind is required for the mocha, while in the preparation of espresso coffee it must be fine and adjusted according to the type of machine used.

In the case of coffee, the dress makes the monk! Each variety of Segafredo Zanetti coffee is packaged in the best way to maintain its characteristics. Different packaging methods are required for different coffees. For coffee beans Segafredo Zanetti uses valve bags that allow carbon dioxide to escape, preventing the entry of oxygen or water vapor. For ground coffee, on the other hand, which loses its gas in a few hours, it is generally packaged under vacuum.


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