Oreo; not only good, but also on Offer!

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Dear Partners, We are pleased to present our best offer for Oreo. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this.

It was 1912 when the first Oreo biscuit was created but the success on the market was not immediate. There are many reasons: the first is that initially this type of biscuit was intended only for the United Kingdom. Nabisco began making them in Chelsea, New York, and the first two flavors on the market were cream and lemon meringue. Some adjustments were made based on the preferences of the public, all of which went to the cream. Thus in 1916 the production of Oreo cream was increased. The ones we know today, with the Nabisco logo embossed on them, arrived in 1952. A long history of climbing to success Over the years, Oreos have established themselves on the market, beating the competition. Today they are the best-selling biscuits in the world and exist in many varieties. The brand is so well established that there is no shortage of collaborations with other important brands, such as M & M's. Oreo cookies have definitively become part of pop culture, they are loved by those who are lactose intolerant (because they do not contain any) and are declined in various ways for new recipes or new ways to eat them. Today they can be found in brownie format or in a real Cadbury chocolate sandwich, in a mini or very thin version: however it goes, success is guaranteed!


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