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Dear Partners, we are pleased to present you the latest updates on the Hoplà brand.

Hoplà, a brand of Trevalli Cooperlat, leader in the vegetable cream sector, is aimed at professionals in the world of pastry and cooking with a line of products based on vegetable fat exclusively designed for them: Hoplà Professional. Let's find out in detail each product of the line. Hoplà Professional for whipping, already sweetened, is ideal for the preparation and decoration of cakes, filled cakes, frozen desserts and ice cream. With excellent stability and excellent yield, it is a gluten-free preparation that can also be used with custard, chocolate, hazelnuts and various flavourings. Hoplà Professional for whipping and cooking is a versatile unsweetened product, ideal both in the kitchen as an alternative condiment to cream of animal origin, and in confectionery for fillings and decorations, as an alternative to animal cream for desserts. Gluten-free, it has an excellent yield and excellent stability. In the kitchen it has a high acid stability, while in pastry it is very easy to whip. Hoplà Professional Easy Top is particularly suitable for covering monumental cakes, for cake design and for making "naked" cakes, as an alternative to sugar paste. Simplifies the creation of decorations and eliminates the use of butter cream in the sponge cake cover or on the polystyrene bases. Gluten-free, it is ideal in preparations that require a long and high holding of cream at room temperature. It is also highly resistant to negative temperatures and allows the reduction of times and costs in the preparation of monumental cakes. Based on vegetable fat (90%) and cream (10%), Hoplà Professional Dual Top 90/10 represents the perfect solution for those who want to have an excellent ally in the kitchen. Gluten-free and with a characteristic cream flavour, it is the unsweetened vegetable alternative for chefs who want to add that extra touch to their preparations. Finally, Hoplà Professional Cooking & Dressing Sauce is an extremely versatile sauce, which can be used cold, as it is, or hot, slightly seared. Gluten-free and with the typical taste of cream, it is a ready-to-use product, ideal for seasoning rich pasta, meat and fish dishes and light dishes, such as salads. Also ideal for pizza.


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