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Dear Partners, we are pleased to present our best Offer for the Manner Brand We look forward to receiving your feedback on this.

Josef Manner & Comp AG is a leading manufacturer of wafers, sugar-coated candy and aerated confectionery. Josef Manner & Comp AG is a rare example of a successful Austrian company, which has been largely family-owned since its foundation. Our popular confectionery products are exported to more than 50 European and non-European countries. Around 700 employees work in two locations; the main site in Vienna's 17th district and a branch site in Wolkersdorf in Lower Austria.

This is where Manner, Casali, Napoli, Ildefonso and Victor Schmidt branded products are manufactured. The turnover of Josef Manner & Comp AG for the 2018 financial year amounted to 209.9 million Euros. Like all great success stories, this story begins with a unique personality from the pioneering days of the company. In 1890 Josef Manner, a trained merchant, opened a small store in the heart of Vienna, only a short distance from St. Stephen's Cathedral, selling mainly chocolate bars and fig coffee. From the very outset, Josef Manner aimed to offer chocolate products of better quality and at a lower price than the competition. “Every child who spends a Kreuzer on my goods,” he used to say, “should not only get a snack for it, but something of nutritional value.” Because Josef Manners' suppliers were not able to deliver the desired quality of chocolate, the Stephansplatz-based confectioner decided to produce his own chocolate.

At the age of 25, Josef Manner I. bought the license, premises and furnishings of a small chocolate producer in Vienna's 5th district in the former Wildenmanngasse. As of March 1. 1890, he was the new owner of the “Chocoladenfabrik Josef Manner”. “Chocolate for everyone” was the company's motto right from the start. And an old “grinding stone” with which cocoa beans were ground by hand as well as a business card showing St. Stephen’s Cathedral in its original form, a trademark which has been used ever since, still exist today as reminders of the company's origins. As early as 1890, the company had to expand due to its great success.

The tephansplatz store and the factory building in the Wildenmanngasse, which quickly became too small, were sold. By 1897, the former confection seller had become a genuine chocolate manufacturer with over 100 employees at the company's headquarters in Hernalser Kulmgasse.


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