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Dear Partners, we are pleased to present you a new Brand that has joined our assortment. Welcome Clear!

You know, men come from Mars and women from Venus ... and this also applies to the skin. Hair care habits for him and her are as different as day and night. Precisely for this reason, it is important to rely on products specially formulated to meet the specific needs of your scalp. Whatever the characteristics of your skin are. CLEAR is able to offer you a tailor-made solution to give new health and strength to the scalp. Here is Bio-Booster, an unbeatable technology that combines skin and scalp care properties with the action of Guar gum BB18, which optimizes the distribution of Niacinamide to activate the skin's natural defensive molecules. In addition, amino acids help keep the scalp healthy and hydrated. With Bio-Booster, your skin will arm itself with the necessary strength to put an end to persistent dandruff once and for all, giving you a newfound confidence in your hair to fully express your individuality.


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