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Dear Partners, we are pleased to present our Best Offer for Pellini. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this.

"Behind every Pellini coffee, a story to discover. We are specialists in premium quality coffee, and we are committed to promoting the experience and culture of Italian coffee. We check the product before boarding and before disembarking. We also make sure that the shipment has not affected the characteristics of the raw material. The same checks are performed once again when each load is delivered to the company. If the batch of raw coffee is perfect and the results of all 3 checks coincide, the roasting phase arrives. Many controls are implemented during roasting and are displayed by a roasting curve which is compared with theoretical values. The color of roasted coffee is also an important parameter and is scrupulously measured by the quality department. Our dedication to the pursuit of quality has led us to work with 4.0 technology in which the operator's intervention is limited to process control and the management of the work programs of machines and service automation systems."


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