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Dear Partners, we are pleased to present our Best Offer for Fiori di Puglia. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this.

In 1957 the leap in quality. Antonio, son of Cataldo, in full economic boom, founded the first real Panificio Fiore in Andria. The goal is to start an activity that, in addition to satisfying the demand from a population interested in well-being and therefore more demanding, guarantees employment for its successors and young people looking for work. The Panificio Fiore, one of the first to be equipped with a mechanical coal oven, immediately became a hub for the supply of bread for food shops, bars, trattorias and restaurants, enthusing the owners for the excellent quality of the product and for the timeliness of deliveries. . But you don't live on bread alone. Giuseppe, Antonio's son, knows it well since he has followed his father in his business since he was a child, so much so that he was fascinated by him and decided to make it his profession. He soon put into practice his idea of ​​expanding the basket of products on sale at the paternal bakery by adding to the now famous bread made of flour and durum wheat semolina, the production of tasty and multiple baked specialties such as dry biscuits, focaccia and taralli. The tarallo, the flagship of the Fiore bakery and of the whole of Puglia, will be the cornerstone of the Fiore di Puglia company that Giuseppe founded in 1990 and which he still drives with passion today together with his four children.


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