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Dear customers, We are pleased to present the new Inalpi Brand.

A long history of love for the territory and the passion of its inhabitants, which becomes a participatory supply chain, in the name of quality. Inalpi was founded in 1966 and its path and evolution are closely linked to the Invernizzi and Barattero families who over the years have been able to transform it from a family-run business to an industry, without however losing sight of the ethical and human values ​​that guided the founders. Artisan experience and industrial efficiency together, in harmony, to put the great dairy experience within everyone's reach, enhancing professionalism and territory. The supply chain is a shared path towards a great final goal: quality and safety. Moretta is the special house where INALPI is based, at the foot of the Cottian Alps in the province of Cuneo. A perfect place to collect high quality milk from 300 contributors residing in the provinces of Cuneo, Turin and Asti alone. Inalpi Spa has started a Supply Chain Protocol in Piedmont since 2010, which establishes production standards. The remuneration of the milk is not the result of an economic negotiation but is obtained through a precise mathematical algorithm developed by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Piacenza. Over the years lnalpi has grown with choices that are as well thought out as they have also gone against the trend. In 2009 the production of cheese begins. The “spreadable spindles in triangles” department starts quickly. The quality remains high: the main ingredient is good Piedmontese milk. In 2010, the most important investment in the company's history was made in Moretta, which will make it possible to create new jobs: thanks to a project launched by Ferrero S.p.A. of Alba, Inalpi will undertake to launch a controlled and certified supply chain of Piedmontese milk and to build the first, and still unique, plant for the production of powdered milk for the food industry on the national territory. The plant now occupies an area of ​​over 83,000 square meters.


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