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Dear Customers, We are pleased to present our best Ritter Sport Chocolate offer!

Chocolate can only be as good as its ingredients. For Ritter Sport, doing the right thing also means making sure you use excellent chocolate ingredients. So, for everything that goes into making up the tablets with exceptionally high standards of quality and sustainability. Ritter Sport chocolate squares are filled with the best ingredients, which you can see and taste.

For Ritter Sport, doing the right thing means that our chocolate is first and foremost composed of excellent cocoa. Great not only for chocolate lovers but also for nature and for the people who grow it. The goal is to know where, how and by whom cocoa is grown. To do this, Ritter Sport certifies the links with long-term partners with farmers and producer cooperatives. The cocoa plantation in Nicaragua, El Cacao, is proof that cocoa can also be grown in socially and environmentally decent conditions, while maintaining competitive prices.

For Ritter Sport, doing the right thing means that entrepreneurial action is only possible if carried out in harmony with people and nature. Through resource conservation and sustainable purchasing activities, we contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. Furthermore, Ritter Sport is committed to protecting biodiversity. For example, on the El Cacao plantation, they work to promote biodiversity in the area. The so-called agroforestry system, a mixed culture of trees and plants, provides habitats for numerous animal species. Furthermore, out of 2,500 hectares, only 1,200 are used for cocoa cultivation and another 100 hectares for infrastructure. The remaining 1,200 hectares are characterized by interconnected forests and wetlands, allowing animals to migrate undisturbed through the protected areas.


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