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Chocolate that melts in your mouth. It was 1879. Rodolphe Lindt, the son of a Bernese pharmacist, wanted to make chocolate. Do you know what chocolate was like at that time? Hard: hard to work and hard to eat. Getting a soft chocolate? Enjoyable? A joy for the senses? All this was simply unthinkable until, one evening ... Stop, stop, let's start from the beginning. Rodolphe Lindt was a pastry chef. He loved the good life and wanted to create a chocolate that was palatable. He bought an old factory with old-fashioned machinery, which surprised Bernese society considerably. But Rodolphe was not discouraged. He conducted several experiments, initially with little success: a strange white layer formed on top of the chocolate. This time the Bernese society was literally shocked.

It was his brother Auguste, a pharmacist like his father, who analyzed the white layer and discovered that it was crystallized fat, absolutely harmless. The experiments went on. Rodolphe added more beans, cooked cocoa butter (which he had never done before), worked on the recipe, tried. But nothing he did allowed him to get close to the goal. Was it really impossible to get fine chocolate? Until that Friday night arrived. Rodolphe left the factory before having finished his work and, above all, without having turned off the machines. Was it the rush? Was it a premonition or just a small act of defiance? We do not know. But the car continued to work all weekend. When he entered the factory the following Monday, Rodolphe was greeted by a wonderful perfume. Not only was the chocolate mass not burnt, but it had turned shiny and looked delicious.

As soon as he tasted it, it was a revelation: here is the chocolate that melts in your mouth! Rodolphe was in seventh heaven. The secret of the "very fine chocolate" Nobody, or almost, had yet discovered it, but the secret to obtain the very fine chocolate was to work it for hours, indeed for days, through the "conching" procedure. Cocoa butter? Sure ... but how much? And what else? A small town, a great tradition. For nearly 150 years, chocolate makers from Switzerland and the rest of the world have tried unsuccessfully to uncover the secret of the Lindt family. Meanwhile, Rodolphe Lindt's "melt-in-your-mouth" chocolate has become not only the symbol of the goodness of Swiss chocolate, but also of the entrepreneurial ability and creative spirit of a small country in the heart of Europe: Switzerland, the Lindt chocolate country.


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