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If the world were what the "puer Apuliae" Frederick II of Swabia had dreamed of, it would still be a world dedicated to tolerance, to the appreciation of beauty and the gifts of the earth. Its Castel del Monte, for many the most beautiful in the world, shines on the hill, surrounded by vineyards. We don't know which wines were served during game dinners, but we like to imagine Frederick II toasting Puglia by raising a glass of Nero di Troia. The Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia was founded in 1960, with an original nucleus of twenty-eight winemakers who unite in a cooperative to increase their contractual strength in the sale of grapes, usually acquired by large national groups. Over the years, the Cooperative has changed its goals from a simple producer of musts to a cellar capable of producing excellent bottled wines.

In 2010, a new wine plant was born, designed to enhance the native Apulian varieties and transform them into wines that express the power and elegance of a unique and unrepeatable terroir elsewhere. Today the Cooperative is one of the most important wineries in southern Italy, counting over 400 members and contributions exceeding 8,000 tons of grapes per harvest. The vineyards of the Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia extend over an area that straddles two provinces: Bari and Barletta-Andria-Trani.

In the topographical variety of such a vast area we recognize the lowest common denominator of a rocky terrain but rich in spontaneous vegetation, placed slightly in altitude with a gently declining trend towards the Adriatic Sea, from which it receives the breeze that mitigates the torrid temperatures of the Apulian summer. In such a natural context it is possible to admire ancient vines cultivated as "sapling", the long corridors typical of "spurred cordon" farms and the large fertile expanses of "Apulian pergola" vines. In this area of ​​Puglia the testimonies of a peasant world that has not lost its values ​​of authenticity, love for work and respect for nature are still alive.

The challenge of the Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia was to pass on this legacy by projecting these ancient traditional values ​​to the present day, integrating them with progress and innovation in winemaking techniques and logistics. A challenge that today, thanks to the commercial successes, the prizes and the acknowledgments obtained both in Italy and internationally, we can say we have won.


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