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Dear Customers, We are pleased to introduce our Best Offer for Pastini Wine Range!

"Pastinum" in Latin literally means "hoe" and, derivatively, "land intended for the cultivation of the vine". Putting the pàstino to model the small earth dam needed to collect rainwater in this sitibund Apulia, then as now, is an ancient and difficult art. The I Pàstini winery makes use of ancient viticultural traditions and the aid of modern winemaking techniques in order to obtain wines that express the authentic face of a unique territory. It is managed by the Carparelli family on a 15-hectare vineyard area with the aim of recovering and enhancing ancient native vines: Verdeca, Bianco d'Alessano and Minutolo are the white berried varieties; Susumaniello and Primitivo are the red berried varieties. Extraordinary vines that confirm the ancient viticultural vocation of the area.

The I Pàstini winery has always embraced the philosophy of quality. We produce wines only from native grapes grown in the heart of the Itria Valley in strict respect for the environment. The vineyards are treated exclusively with organic products and fertilized with the green manure of various legume species. The harvest takes place early in the morning. The grapes are harvested manually to avoid breaking the berries and after careful selection of the bunches they are placed in small boxes. The pre-cooled grape extract, obtained by soft pressing, ferments at a controlled temperature and then follows its maturation process until bottling. Our wine is a tribute to this successful combination of tradition and technology, an authentic expression of the territory.


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