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Bosco Albano Tenuta Pinot Grigio D.O.C. Friuli 750ml

24.00 (L) x 33.00 (H) x 17.00 (D)

In Friuli, and more generally in our North East, Pinot Grigio is without the risk of denial the most widespread grape variety. So much appreciated that it has become a case study for experts from all over the world. Liked for both simplicity and immediacy. People like it because it is suitable for a thousand occasions, from the aperitif to the table, a well-made Pinot Grigio always finds a way to put everyone in agreement. This white proposed by Bosco Albano is no exception, the result of a manual harvest of perfectly ripe grapes. Soft pressing and short maceration of about 12 hours in an environment saturated with carbon dioxide to prevent oxidation and the loss of the finest aromas. Then, after a simple natural decantation, the wine is fermented at a controlled temperature and left in steel tanks for a period of about six months for final refinement. That's all. All very simple and straightforward. After all, this is the style that fans of the vine are looking for. A dry white, with intense aromas of flowers and fruit. In particular, golden apples, peaches and melons stand out. In the mouth it is warm, rightly savory, with a good structure and pleasantly acidic. A very pleasant wine, also endowed with a good persistence. Served very cold it is an incomparable aperitif. Left to warm a few degrees in the glass, it satisfies first and second courses based on fish. A real treat for the palate.

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